Sunday, November 4, 2012

On getting "bystandardized"

So I'm smoking a cigarette alone at the entrance of Ozone, waiting for the others. Then I see this tween boy...skinny jeans, emo hair and all that..walking briskly and crying silently. I asked if he was okay, making sure my concern sounded genuine and not pedo-like. He looked at me and said in a very mumbled voice - "John Cena died."

"Who died?"

"John Cena!"

Like an ass, I replied - "So?"

He just walked away.

Came home and checked. John Cena is still alive.

My first reaction was that of confused admiration. Did the tween just pull a fast one on the not-minding-his-own-business weirdo? If that did happen, I was actually impressed at his cheekiness and that too when something else had clearly made him upset.

Later, when I was discussing this with a friend online, a little more research burst my bubble. Apparently there was a facebook viral message claiming that Cena had died of some accident. (details - here)

This social network influenced life can be really disturbing at times.

Title suggestion - Swati Tyagi