Monday, December 10, 2007

..Of Rajmas and Dogmas.

Tuesday has just begun. And as an insomniac-by-night-and-narcoleptic-at-high-noon, i'm about to take my nanha munna steps into the ancient artistic world of valmiki-ism, or as they now call it, blogging.

Had zillions of ideas in my head when the blogging bug bit me. I know it's kinda hard to believe this when you start your blog using turds-of-words like "Tuesday has just begun"(the real Raj inside me calls out and says hey,Robinson Crusoe called. He wants his words back). No, seriously....i did have lots of ideas.But then this really hot girl passed me by on the sunny side of the road and nanoseconds later, the ideas changed....i mean,...ummm....disappeared.

So here i am, totally at a loss for ideas,topics,discussions,debates,sweet nothings/somethings/anythings...But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do,right?..i mean i still have to write something down so that soon some girl actually reads this junk ( so what if she is already drowned in cosmopolitans or pinnacoladas or even Duff beer) and thinks for five seconds that it's funny and the guy who wrote it might be kinda "interesting". Wishful thinking,i know.

So where was i?....ah yes....

Tuesday has just begun.

But wait. My religion doesn't allow me to have non-veg on tuesdays. The Geeta doesn't say anything about blogging though. But do i really wanna take a chance?....i mean i wouldn't want to piss off so many gods. i know i'm twenty now and all,and can probably take on two or three gods max...but crores of them charging towards me on their respective lions, tigers, elephants, cows, ducks, owls, rats, platypi, lotuses is a totally different matter. Or is it?....Did i just answer my own question?No, no....what am i even thinking!! I can already feel some xyz god's divine arrows of confusion piercing through my brain. Forgive me, Father...for i have sinned.Shouldn't have blogged on a tuesday. Penance is due.

So let me say this openly on a public forum : I, raj, of sound mind and thought, pledge to strike out the plate of pork momo and chilly chicken off my menu.....for today. i'll instead go for rajma chaawal. Amen.

P.S. dear readers, i owe you one non tuesday blog which WILL detail my experiences with Lucifer as we drove around town from strip clubs to raves, burping away our pork rib dinner.