Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fall/Winter 2010

Dead is the new unambiguous. Bipolar is the new undecided. Heavily armed is the new born again. Bald is the new head .... and the new crotch. Hairy is the new face. Sheepishly admitting to having an STD is the new flirting. Finding the time that is right for you, is the new impotence. The smiley face emoticon is the new "sincerely yours". Smoking is the new outdoorsy lifestyle. Looking forward to insanely expensive private schooling is the new yuppie birth control. Veganism is the new "tastes like chicken". Texting is the new talking. Talking is the new singing. Singing is the new SOP. Graduation is the new "be careful what you wish for". Anti-depressants are the new crowd control. Misinformed is the new patriotic.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Scoring. (it doesn't seem right, no wonder it doesn't rhyme)

Feigning an innocence
i walk out of the slum
creases on forehead
give me away.
I try
to justify
the cynic, the observer
my life is shit too
i remember her.

Turn. Walk back.
i can, i won't.
the kid, needs help, needs a lot
more than i do
this dirty brown bag of pot.
does he cry out
for company, for love?
glad, I'll never know.
sad, I'll never ask.

Mirrors are more fun
than Television.
Broken Frames, mine.
Shattered dreams, his.
these green glares i seek
they masquerade my guilt.
I'll do what i can.
I'll provide
by dropping in.
Buy some, and more later.
Irani, Pahaari, or
maybe Malana cream.
And find my way
to him
Gladly, Sadly, Madly
like a salmon swimming upstream.