Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My somethin-somethin on the whole media hyped good/bad muslim idea

Why must a Muslim ( Indian or otherwise) be put through the task of justifying himself, not time and time again, but even once? If X is a Muslim, and Y is a terrorist, why must X have to prove the X is not equal to Y? The major goof-up in this issue, is not 'people trying to come to terms with the fact that there ARE good Muslims who need to be heard' but people from all backgrounds and faiths failing to see that the more the justifications are encouraged (read demanded), the more alienation it creates. Alienation - the alleged grand reason, for 'local goodie Muslims' to just 'cross the line'....is it that hard to see that while trying to unite a nation, all these justifications are rather widening the cracks? The Cracks, which the majority has taken upon itself to exploit. and yet, it doesn't have to explain itself. Funny, i think.

The current social scene in India is not really helping. Look at the support that Varun Gandhi is getting after he proclaims that 'he shall set the Hindus free' of this minority appeasing politics. Hasn't he fit the perfect bill of the Hindu-Terrorist yet?? The Batla House incident where Jamia students were apparently harbouring terrorists (proof? none.), was seen as a success of delhi police. Same delhi police that also managed to create a martyr out of Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, who according to eye-witnesses, was seen walking out of the locality after suffering a 'minor wound'. The Establishment will NOT help us. Clearly.

In this short time-frame( most of 2008 actually), we have also welcomed a wave of so-called well made movies that raise the questions of communal tension in this country. 'A wednesday' where Muslim terrorists are the cause of the problems of the AAM AADMI who has been forced to take action against it. Very conveniently, the writers HAD to include a "good Muslim" in the Mumbai police too, who by the way, had to hide his 'tabeez' when speaking to the terrorists and his Hindu colleague coming to the rescue...Utter Crap!!! if i may be allowed to say so. Well made movie? may be. but the message its sending across, knowingly or otherwise, is a very dangerous one. "Shaurya" - muslim army officer has to face the music this time around because he knew a thing or two about human rights violation and respected human life. Throughout the movie, the officer is resigned to giving it up to the laws of the Indian Armed Forces. Again, it is upto good'ol Hindu military lawyer to come to his rescue, and tell the world what exactly happened. "Aamir" - common man (read, Good muslim) sacrifices his life for a greater cause - upholding the moral duty of the good muslim of justifying his faith. Bollocks!!!!! all of these might be good movies, technically. but we can't be naive enough to not see past the message that these movies are trying to propagate - some muslims are good, it is upon the ever-so-good hindus to acknowledge, understand, and help them.

something, somewhere is seriously wrong. Please try not to be blinded by the sense of this brotherhood on one hand, while totally ignoring the fact that some of us, albeit unknowingly, are fanning the flames by these justifications.

Organized Religion is bad.