Friday, February 17, 2012

A Dovahkiin Rests

Adam Adamowicz (1968-2012)

The idea of someone dying can fuck with people's heads in so many different ways. I used to think that only when someone you were related to, or were friendly with, died, did it effect you. A stupid notion that was. I know that now.

Till about two and a half hours ago, I had no idea who Adam Adamowicz was. And then a friend told me how the internet was abuzz with some people claiming that Whitney Houston's death stole the thunder of another person; "the Skyrim guy" she said. It's funny how the internet works. Within thirty seconds we found out it was Adam Adamowicz. Within fifty, I found how some people online were fighting over how fan posts over his passing were such repeats on this forum. It's a little sad how we lose some sense of morality online. I guess when one has a really badass or hipster user name, one has to live up to it. I shouldn't be judging them though. I have laughed/yawned at funerals. I guess it had a lot to do with some boring rituals hindu funerals are made up of.

Adam's passing hit me like something I had not felt all throughout the last year, when famous people were dropping down like extras in disaster films. Ignore my crassness. There's something weird about celebrity deaths and the social media. I haven't figured it out yet but I can't help but sadly laugh at things like "RIP Steve Jobs is trending on Twitter".

Adam was a concept artist who gave us Fallout 3 and Skyrim. Ever since the Skyrim videos were released in late 2010, I have been glued to YouTube and since then, I've been planning on building a gaming rig that could support this game. The point is, I was surrounded with Adam's and the entire Bethesda team's work.

Remember how you felt when you were told that Heath Ledger was dead, right before the Dark Knight hit the theaters? That's how I'm feeling right now. I haven't played Skyrim yet, but now I must. I can't comment on how his friends or colleagues feel right now. I better not try to gauge what his family must be going through. But to all the people who knew Adam as the genius behind making the world of Tamriel come alive in Skyrim, I tell you this - it is okay to feel sad about his passing, but let us celebrate his immortality instead. Enjoy the game for all that it offers, treat it like an old painting in a museum for it is in no way a lesser work of art. Every hour you have been/will be spending in Skyrim, let it be a tribute to the artist who used to be behind the scenes.

Adam, you will be missed.

I will stop crying now and go back to working.
Only then can I afford that rig I promised myself.

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