Thursday, December 1, 2011

Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same

Warning - This is a rant.

This year was sad. Some friends just moved far, far away. The trouble is, I don't know if it's something I did or if they just got bored. What I find more scary is that everyone seems to be growing up really fast. Jobs, partners, aims, 5 year plans, etc. If the Kids are All Right, then why the sudden race? I can never get my head around it. 

I even tried planning a trip with one of them. Didn't work. Sudden exams are the universe's WMDs which annihilate my happiness this time. I realized I upset this lovely friend. And now we are suddenly distant.

All of us, have had our own things going on - work, studies, struggles, families... but now, it seems to be too visible. The other day, one of them told me - "What the hell are you doing with your life?". I had no answer. How does anyone answer that? I can't bore others with my "plans".

Barney Stinson was right. When he's feeling down, he becomes more "awesome". I want that power.
I'll try my hand at juggling, I think.

Thanks for listening.


oof ya! said...

I came here because the title of your rant was interesting to me. And also this song is perfect for sucky times.

Unknown said...

Dear oof ya!

no one has commented on my blog for ages. This is me thanking you. I'll also send another Thank You note to Keane.

Forever Alone.

oof ya! said...

At the risk of sounding shady - Thank you for thanking me :P

Thunderstruk said...

1. should i write, have merry christmas and new year blast!!? this time of the year you feel like partaaying, don't you? (Yeah, and am commenting!)
2. When you say Jobs starting the 7th line i thought "Fuck, not another Jobs obituary. Let him RIP."
3. K.A.R. : Kids are All Right
4. Sudden exams!?, lovely friend!?, suddenly distant!? As the Joker says ,"wrong choice of words."
5. Was it intentional that you put 'struggles' between 'studies' and 'families'?
6. You quote Barney Stinson while ranting!? It also leads us to think that use of the phrase 'try my hand at juggling' has other naughty meanings.
7.This is the funnest, cutest, best blog coming from going to sleep a happy man now.:-):-)
8. The other day i was wanting to connect with somebody who was doing a yearender retrospective 2011 story. should have known it was you.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

My Dear Suddenly Lovely Thunderstruck, (Fuck the Joker)

How are you current-ly? (haha, get it? Thunder, current...aaanyway)
you know i didn't keep tab of my classes and exam routines. made plans with people without bothering to check exam dates. fuck me twice, yea.

The "lovely" friend bit was a bit cheesy, no? but it was subconsciously-intentional (haha, this coming year I'm gonna use mindfuck combos of words). I don't call anyone lovely. but some you are quite lovely to me. On the flip side of this rant lies my better days this year, when i was in ghy.. last winter to this summer.. funny how coffee and joints can make us so happy.

Also, next year, we need to be proper bros. we are not getting any younger. let us promise each other one trip to some place where the grass is greener, cheaper.. ( I say Kasol, but this is open to discussion)

Try not to read senti blogs on weekends. Emo is contagious. If you don't believe, look at the way half the teenagers in NE dress up as.


Anonymous said...

Bhai tui je blog ta likhechis na, eta amar golpo :)

Unknown said...

eta onekeri golpo :)

ei toh jibon - kokhono cheeni, kokhono lobon.