Monday, December 14, 2009

December 15, 2009.

... today was good. (Tuhi re by Hariharan plays as I type). had lunch at majnu ka tila after many months. you never realize how much you miss a place unless you're far away from it at all other times. same with people i guess. Pori was here. She has lost her appetite, but she's nice and funny. The butter tea she ordered wasn't nice. And that was funny. It's amazing how a simple place can pull me towards it. I please easy too. Beef and mashed potatoes, i loved my lunch. we talked, I ate, she nibbled. I tried to act cool at random parts. she saw through most of the time. she's clever. she knows too much. Should I, or should I not.... kill her? I'll get back to that in a while.

Nikhila joined us later. She has a pup called Gulab Jamun. Life was discussed. Naturally, grass too. (the track changes to Pardesi from Dev low volume). We missed Amartya. Pori called him up. She tried to be cool. He didn't get it he says, cause he stuck in the limbo of loglike sleep and waking life. I thought he wouldn't respond. we love to sleep. he might've been cursing us at that moment. But hash was mentioned. picture a happily dazed bug moving towards a nightlamp. We were all bugs. Arts faculty was the table holding up the lamp.

30 mins, and we were all there, lucky enough to find a good spot. Naina joined us. I met her yesterday. Once earlier too, but then i was ...errr...brain dead. everything was ready. by everything, i mean the joint. we decided to wait for Amartya to show up. We were nice people. Between you and me, I wanted to light it. kept my mouth from cooperating with my mind when i found we didn't have matches. Yes, let's wait. He came. He sat. We smoked and had a good time, lots of good laughs. (Rabbi Shergill screams out Gill Te Guitaar...volume is lowered, for it to not drown out the sound of the drizzling rain). We passed two joints, and two momos too. Don't ask. Later, everyone left. I head to Amartya's where more friends wait. Good times, and good laughs.

Not a filmy or exciting post, I know. But I'm happy...and i want to read this fifty years from now. Pori would call me a loser. (The Moldy Peaches - Anyone else but you). But she'll probably be long gone by then, one way or the other. ;)

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