Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seven. The number of joints you need to smoke using pure RK puram grass to “lose it” and, as entertaining as it may sound to your friends, open up. For amateur smokers out there, “chhoti” gold flake tobacco, for the mixture, gives you a better high than Navy cut. The topic of conversation can range from kids in Darfur to ‘how groovy the plane looks’ as it zooms overhead like a Mothership that doesn’t exactly know where you are. Previous relationships also add variety to the ‘talk’ but personally i find that dangerous although in public i would rather say its boring. Escapist? You might add. Pink Floyd has become a cliché. Times have changed. Its the age of the Dandy Warhols now. And please don’t spend any money on “decking” up the room to create the perfect ambience. The whole idea of smoking up is to let go of those worries. If you really have extra moolah, get more grass.

Coming back to the number seven, yes, make sure that you have all the necessary material needed for that perfect high – Rolling paper, unused wedding invitation cards for weddings of people who don’t give a fuck about you( the feeling needs to be mutual) – they make excellent roach, cheap quality fried stuff – chips, potatoes, chilly pork/beef, and yes, people who smoke up – i call them grasshoppers. So, are we ready now? Almost. I almost forgot the main ingredient – an acoustic guitar. Floyd plays better on a guitar than on winamp. So there you go, a perfect night awaits you. And yes, please comment if you think we can make improvements. Its open source ;)


bedartha said...

getting down to basics,
it feels good...

seven seems to be good number, we'll see...

Thunderstruk said...

here's my take -
1. OCBs for skins
2. Generally Gold-flake Kings, preferably Camel Lights for cigs
3. Kerala-gold (to lose it - 1 suffice!!)
3. Throw the munchies out, get some chilled tang and a few choc-bars
4. PinkF, as you say, too cliched and certainly not the end of the music...here's three of current favs - mahamudra : rustic elastic, indra - come to india and dynamic vs switch - drop this (add infinity by guru josh project too)
5. few prepaid calling cards of your network provider's choice for crisp roaches.

Happy stoning :-o--'

Unknown said...

@B_G : you can't "see"!!!! the whole idea is not being able to see. Craze of the haze brotha..!!!!

@Thunderstruck : Hi Anish.

Bhuvan said...

it was nice to read all the stuff coming down the road by a fellow grasshopper..! :D
well, m here in raipur..!
the best grass i got here took me own in 1 bullet. (that was some fucking shit), but it was all raw, pure-grass-bullet.
anyway, try listening "Maggot Brain" by "Funkadelic" when getting high..
do reply how u felt?

Unknown said...

Bhuvan, i'm happy for you... will let you know how the song and the bong went together once i play it.

thanks for reading.